A literacy and public art project initiated by artist Marisa Morán Jahn of Studio REV-, Bibliobandido centers around the legend of El Bibliobandido or “Book Bandit,” a ravenous, story-eating bandit who pesters youth to write and offer him fresh-baked stories — analog or digital.

Studio REV- and Lectrokit join forces to create a special paper circuitry + storycrafting toolkit that sparks kids’ imaginations, teaches simple circuitry, and fosters critical thinking. These starter kit are intended for teachers to familiarize themselves with sample activities so that they can lead paper, performative, online, and digital storycrafting workshops with elementary- and middle-school youth.

For videos to share with youth, check out bibliobandido.org

For more information about the El Bibliobandido kits, click on the links below.