Advance Educator Kit with Chibi Chip (2 learners)


Advance Educator Kit with Chibi Chip (2 learners)


An introduction to coding with the Chibitronics Chibi Chip and cable.
- Six white circuit stickers LEDs
- Three RYB (red, yellow, blue) circuit stickers LEDs
- Three PGO (purple, green, orange) circuit stickers LEDs
- Two Chibi Chips
- Two Chibi Clips
- Two CR2032 3V batteries with binder clips
- Three 5mm multicolor “gumdrop” LEDs
- One roll of copper tape with conductive adhesive, 1/4"X 10"

This price reflects a 25% discount on buying and assembling the kit separately.

Not all items are displayed in the photo.

Optional purchases:
One roll of blue tape
Chibi Scope


* Please inquire about rush orders. The usual turnaround for orders is 5-7 business days.

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