Advanced Classroom Kit - Interactivity and Coding (30 learners)

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2017-02-15 10.22.45.jpg

Advanced Classroom Kit - Interactivity and Coding (30 learners)


The Advanced 21st Century Notebooking Class Kit adds the Chibitronics Sensor Add-on Pack; this deluxe set provides 15 Sensor Add-on Packs to support group project activities. This collection supports a full sequence of circuit play and discovery, from basic electrical systems up to interactive functions and designs using a reprogrammable ATtiny85 microcontroller.

- 90 white circuit stickers LEDs
- 90 RYB (red, yellow, blue) circuit stickers LEDs
- 16 Sensor Add-on
- 30 5mm multicolor Gumdrop LEDs
- 40 tabbed, low-profile 3V batteries with clear stickers
- 30 CR2032 3V batteries with binder clips
- 20 sets of multicolored clip leads for the class
- 15 strips of Velostat for pressure sensing projects
- 15 mini photo cells for DIY light sensor experiments
- 15 feet of conductive thread
- One roll of copper tape with conductive adhesive, 1/4" x 55 y

This price reflects over 30% discount on buying and assembling the kit separately.

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