Brown Bag Starter - Advanced (5 learners)

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Brown Bag Starter - Advanced (5 learners)



The Brown Bag Starter - Advance Kit lets educators and program facilitators explore more advanced circuitry with paper and electronics. It's enough for 5 people get started quickly with this creative approach to crafting and circuit building and a great way to begin thinking about connections to science content, literacy and introductory engineering practices.
- 18 white circuit stickers LEDs

- Four sensor add-on circuit stickers

- Three tabbed, low-profile 3V batteries with clear stickers

- Three CR2032 3V batteries with binder clips

- Five 5mm Gumdrop LEDs

- Four clips leads

- 3' conductive thread

- Five pieces of Velostat

- Three photo cells

- One Lilypad battery holder with switch

- Two rolls of copper tape with conductive adhesive, 1/4"X10'

This price reflects a 10% discount on buying and assembling the kit separately.


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