Intermediate Classroom Kit - Designing with Light (30 learners)


Intermediate Classroom Kit - Designing with Light (30 learners)


The intermediate 21st Century Notebooking Class Kit increases the number of LEDs for each student and provides a set of Effects Sticker from Chibitronics so interested students can explore pre-programmed effects into their designs, an ideal project for group work. Additionally, this collection includes velostat for and mini photo cells for simple pressure and light sensing activities. Along with the introductory materials – 5mm LEDs and conductive thread and 3v CR2032 batteries – the additional LEDs and materials let students and instructors think through more complex projects, STEM and STEAM concepts and related and build and presentation strategies.

- 90 white circuit sticker LEDs
- 90 RYB (red, yellow, blue) circuit sticker LEDs
- 12 Effects Stickers  
- 30 5mm multicolor Gumdrop LEDs
- 40 tabbed, low-profile 3V batteries with clear stickers
- 30 CR2032 3V batteries with binder clips
- 20 sets of multicolored clip leads for the class to share
- 15 strips of Velostat for pressure sensing projects
- 15 mini photo cells for DIY light sensor experiments
- 15 feet of conductive thread
- One roll of copper tape with conductive adhesive, 1/4" x 55 y

This price reflects over 20% discount on buying and assembling the kit separately.

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