WHAT IS LECTROKIT? LectroKit™ is a groundbreaking, low cost, art & electronics kit and creative learning curriculum that sparks kids’ imaginations, teaches simple circuitry and smart systems, and fosters critical thinking. LectroKit™ is a social enterprise that connects literacy with science content and engineering practices for students who need it most.

WHY PURCHASE KITS FROM US? For classroom kits, you can save from 5 to 30% off the retail price. Moreover, our kits come assembled in easy-to use packages. Our team can help and support you in reaching your educational goals and we provide on-site fee-based training for educators.

HOW DID LECTROKIT START? Beginning in the fall of 2012, STEAM‐powered learning (STEM + the Arts = STEAM) – and the skills, concepts and learning experiences that build creative confidence and technical and expressive expertise, was introduced to more than 300 teachers and 200 youth. In formal and informal settings – schools, libraries, museums, summer programs – 21st Century Notebooking and the fundamentals of paper circuitry were taught to professional educators and a diverse and highly engaged community of learners.

In July  2014, we offered Hack Your Notebook Day. This program was part of Summer to Make, Play and Connect, a MacArthur Foundation-sponsored initiative powered by the National Writing Project and the Mozilla Foundation. We had the chance to support be educators and learners of all ages with activity kits and resources as they explore how 21st Century Notebooking can engage youth in creative STEM learning. 

For the past four years, collaborating with NEXMAP, the National Writing Project, and other leading learning organizations, we’ve worked around the country and in- and out-of-schools with students, teachers, and families.

WHAT IS OUR PRODUCT STRATEGY? Connecting directly to classrooms as the primary audience, we’re changing the game in the way creative learning is packaged and delivered. We reach more than 250 educators a year. By training trainers — helping teachers teach teachers — we support leadership development and innovation in the classroom.

WHAT DO EDUCATORS GET? With sophisticated curricula developed by award-winning educators, LectroKit™ provides the opportunity to explore and apply STEM concepts in virtually any content area. Example: Using concept drawings from the Crafting module and using familiar materials, students develop an inspiring use of a notebook to explore introductory electro-mechanical principles.

HOW MANY LEARNING MODULES ARE THERE? LectroKit™ is composed of six scaffold modules, each one built around a notebook, supporting materials and components, and a set of pacing resources for educators.